We aim to create clothing that will make you shine brightly every day.


Along with diet and lifestyle rhythms, clothing that wraps the body throughout the day has a great impact on mental and physical health.We tend to get caught up in the appearance of clothing, but in fact, it is a tactile thing that comes in contact with our body, and We think that it influences the movement of the body and connects us to the inside of our mind.


We mainly use stretch materials that are comfortable to the touch, Emphasis is placed on allowing the body to move freely and the mind and spirit to feel free. In addition, every detail has been devised to make it ideal for yoga and sports.


Batik stamp dyeing using traditional Indonesian techniques, Unique hand-dyeing and original design printed fabrics are produced in collaboration with local craftsmen. You are available to enjoy your own style.


Please use our clothing not only for yoga or sports, but also as everyday wear or room wear that is gentle on the body and comfortable.

We hope that MIIK YOGA wear will always be with you.







MIIK YOGAでは肌触りの良い伸縮性のある素材を中心に使い、体の動きを自由にして、心や精神にも自由を感じられる着用感を大切にしています。また、ヨガやスポーツに最適なように、ディテールを工夫しております。そしてインドネシアの伝統技法を生かしたバティックスタンプ染め、個性豊かな手染めのタイダイ染め、オリジナルデザインのプリントの生地を用いて、お客様だけのスタイルを楽しんでいただけるようご用意しています。



MIIK YOGAのウエアを末永くご愛用いただけたら幸いです。



MIIK YOGA  Yukie Hamashima